Monday, September 13, 2010

Zombie Fashion

 When Pale is In! Ribs Showing Is Sexy! Are we Aready in The Zombie Apocalypse? High Fashion  means High Demands! Stick thin, and Extra Tall! So i Ask You again My friend Are we Already in the Zombie Apocalypse..  Tyra Banks Supermodel Showed the World That You dont have to be Stick Thin to Be a Supermodel! So why are these demands still happening.. Im a Media Head, Fashion, and Pop Culture Fanatic Myself,, But When these girl set examples for our generation, to hurt them selves to look a certain way somthing has to change,, But Fashion Will be faboulous and far fetched from denim and organic cotton.. WELLL,, Im here to say Welcome to the Zombie Apocalyse Pre Show... Go to Fashion Week In New York See for your Self,, XoXo Riley Ray